Информационно-развлекательный портал Интерактивный  Муром.
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Информационно-развлекательный портал. Интерактивный Муром.

Tourist sketch of city of Murom

The city of Murom is in submission of the Vladimir area. It is located on a high left coast of the river Oka on border with the Nizhniy Novgorod area in 290 km from Moscow and in 130 km from the regional centre of. Vladimir. The territory of city was extended along the left coast of the river Oka from the north on the south on 8 km, the central part of city from the east to the west leaves from the river on 5 km. In a southwest direction extent of city reaches 12 km. From the west to the east on territory of city pass main tracks Moscow - Kazan, in northern direction from them the branch line on city of Carpets departs.

Murom is located in the second climatic zone, a climate moderate - continental with moderately warm summer, in the cold winter, in the short spring and cloudy, frequently a rainy autumn. In winter time southern and southwest winds, in summer - northern and northwest prevail. Ground - loams. The area of municipal formation makes 107378 Ga, including the Area of city of Murom 4378 Ga (43,8 sq. km.).

Municipal formation is located in a southeast of the Vladimir area and borders: in the east with the Nizhniy Novgorod area on the river Oka, in the south - with Melenkovskim area and Gorohovetskim areas.

Speaking about Murom, people frequently use a phrase from Pushkins poems Ruslan and Lyudmila " Here Russian spirit, here as Russia smells", becoming in due course winged.

And that is why. The name of an old russian bogatyr of Ilya Muromtsa, the hero of many Russian fairy tales and legends is connected to a name of city. The prototype of him became the real person who has been born in one of villages of this city, named Karacharovo which has nowadays come in city feature of Murom.

It is considered, that Ilya's log hut was on a place of a house 279, that on Priokskoj street. According to a local legend, from birth Ilya was ailing. The physical illness was expressed in illness of legs because of which the future bogatyr could not go till 30 years.
Once in the house to him travellers who in gratitude for and bread have presented him a miracle potion have come, having drunk which Ilya not only has recovered, but also has got extreme force. A potion it have given to drink also a horse of the young man from what the first too has received powerful force. Till now in Murom the traces left by a horse of Ilya are esteemed. Speak, that sacred sources which in Murom it is totaled 13, have arisen on a place of jumps of an animal. On a place of one of them, Ilya Muromtsa located on the native land, Ilya Proroka's chapel was constructed. In the same place the monument recently was established in honour of this legendary hero. By the way, in ancient times Ilya Muromtsa have ranked as a face of saints.

The visitor we advise to begin walk on city with his old part located on the left high coast of the river of Oka. If to go on May Day street, first of all it is possible to see lines of 19-th century. If to round them it is possible will take pleasure in a panorama of two main sights of city - Troickim and Blagoveshchensk monasteries. These monasteries are practically identical, as consist of identical architectural constructions: the central five-domed cathedral, the one-chapter of church above the Sacred gate. And monumental walls structures are similar to towers.

Structures of the first monastery considered female, it is located on a place there is no time a court yard of Murom prince Jury Jaroslavicha taking place here. In 17-th century the princely court yard has ceased to exist the same as and erected on this place under his instruction Boris's church and Gleba. After it in 1642-1643 years the cathedral Over the Trinity which was constructed on means of local merchant Tarasa of Borisov has appeared. Later he has received the sanction to construction of a female monastery from the patriarch.

Thus have appeared church of Kazan Divine Mother, and in 1652 - a tower becoming on that moment the highest construction and serving by a reference point for the ships and vehicles.
Both the cathedral, and church were built in certain" style: them numerous arches, columns, the unusual form of a window decorate, color tiles. Besides in territory of a monastery it is possible to see one more building - church Sergija Radonezhskogo which have brought here from one local village.

Now Troicki the monastery, as well as in former times, serves as a place of pilgrimage. The numerous stream of believers speaks remains taking place here sacred Peter and Fevroni - patrons of love and a marriage.
People still trust, that sacred Fevroni can cure of barreness. The man's Blagoveshchensk monastery costsopposite Troickogo. The history of occurrence of this spiritual monastery says, that 1552 Murom Ivan Terribl, going in has visited the Kazan campaign. In Murom it asked sacred that they have helped it to win Kazan from foreigners. It is considered also, that he has given dinner in case of a victory to base a monastery on the sacred ground where were buried prince Konstantin, distributed christianity on the Murom grounds, his wife Irina and the two children ranked as a face sacred in 1457. The victory was, and construction during which power of princely family were withdrawn from the ground began and are transferred in a temple. They are based here and on present time. It is considered, that from the Blagoveshchensk cathedral, the main building of a monastery, the underground course to Konstantin's sacred and miracle source which is at the bottom Uspenskogo a ravine, opposite to a southeast tower of a monastery lasts. However to find this source and it was not possible.

In May Day street one more building is located also. It is the Murom historical, art museum. The house in which there is this establishment, belonged to large grain dealer K.Zvorykinu, to last owner of a building, to local measures resembling on a palace earlier. In 1919 the museum of "Local edge", begun present here was open. This establishment is unique due to the exhibits. Here it is possible to see works of the West-European artists - cloths of masters of school Rubensa. Besides small collections of Russian artists - Shishkina, Surikova, Savrasova and others here are collected. Hardly has settled down Voskresenski a female monastery further. Into its complex enter five-domed Voskresenska church and Vvedenska, and also a tower and not kept Georgivska church. As against Troickogo and the Blagoveshchensk monasteries, constructions are more modest. The monastery was the card " Murom on the part of the river, creating an image a place full of relics. On a coast of Oka tourists also can will familiarize with sights of one more man's monastery - Spasskogo. It is one of the oldest spiritual monasteries not only Murom, but also all Okskih grounds. The first notes about it concerns to 11 to century: in the annals it is written, that here in 1096 have buried son Vladimir Monomaha Izjaslava, which was lost in time a monastery. There is also one more fact: according to the legend, the monastery was based by first which Murom prince Glebom, the townspeople have not let to live in own chambers. Then has constructed near to them church Vsemilostivogo Spasa which name has lain in a basis of the name of a present monastery which was constructed on a place of a princely court yard. The main building of a monastery - a temple of Transformation sirs - has reached us with essential changes. It is considered, that it have constructed under Ivan Terribl's instruction in 1553. In 1839 at a construction extensions have appeared, also domes were replaced bulbous, other reorganizations were made also.
Besides monasteries, tourists can familiarize with architecture of several churches. First of them is in the city centre and refers to as Nikolo-quay church.
"Quay" of it have nicknamed because it costs on a coast of Oka. If to go further on quay it is possible to see Kozmodemiansku church. The temple was kept up to now in a delapidated kind as in 1868 the tent of church has fallen off, there was only a quadrangular box. After this accident Kozmodemiansku and icons have transported church utensils in church of the Smolensk icon of Divine Mother then it has received the second name New Kozmodemianskoi churches. Now in itthe showroom settles down.


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