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Информационно-развлекательный портал. Интерактивный Муром.

Day of family, love and fidelity

This day is founded under the initiative of deputies of the State Duma. The initiative of celebrating of Day of family is maintained by all traditional religious organizations of Russia, you see idea of celebrating of Day of family, love and fidelity has no borders. In each religion there are examples of family fidelity and love.
It is symbolical, that the holiday for the first time is marked in 2008 which is declared by year of family. The idea of a holiday has arisen some years back at city dwellers of Murom where are based power of sacred spouses Peter and Fevronii, of patrons of a christian marriage, whose memory is made July, 8. Features are embodied in their life, which traditional religions of Russia always connected to an ideal of a matrimony, namely: piety, mutual love and fidelity, fulfilment has put mercies and care about various needs of the fellow citizens.
The new holiday already has medal which will entrust July, 8, and very gentle symbol - a camomile. To this warm holiday are glad in any house therefore it so easily walks from a church calendar and it is ready to be knocked on each door.


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