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Информационно-развлекательный портал. Интерактивный Муром.

To " The Father of TV " will put a monument.

The student of the Petersburg polytechnical beginning of 20 centuries Vladimir Zvorykin sitting on a bench near a native house - so will look a monument to the second to the most known to the Murom inhabitant, the founder of TV. Generally American engineer Zvorykin has more become famous in America - and due to the invention. Nevertheless, remember " the father of TV " and on the native land. In Vladimir Koz'micha's native house in the centre of Murom now has settled down Murom historical - an art museum. His employees also posess idea of perpetuating of memory of the former owner of a house. This year from birthday of the inventor it is executed 120 years. - the Project of a monument to the inventor of TV is developed by Murom sculptor Pavlom ShChelovym, - Tatyana Kuprjashina has told to us the employee of the Murom museum. - our employees are very amicable with family of the sculptor and consequently he with pleasure has responded to our idea. The artist is ready to do anything discounts, and even is ready to work without the fee. Speed of realization of the project, certainly, depends on financing. The project is ready, and fund raising on casting of a monument was already declared by public organization " Centre of cultural initiatives " - it is created by a museum. How many it is necessary - were not defined yet. In bronze execution Zvorykin, on a bench will cost 3,5 million roubles. In a museum insist, that the modern synthetic material - was chosen more cheaply. Art value, assure, from it to suffer should not. Probably, to establish a monument it will be possible through years - two.


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